We came from
humble beginnings.

LIMBIK MEDIA was incubated from within its sister agency Limbik Responding Creative in 2013 out of a tiny Stellenbosch based creative studio.

In the ever-looming new world of ‘digital-first’ thinking and hyper-connectivity, it was clear that the market was ready to embrace a new kind of agency.

Born from a need to ‘make creative work harder’ and a desperation to provide clients with measurable results, LIMBIK MEDIA (Pty) Ltd was finally established in 2016 as a specialist digital performance marketing agency.

digital marketing.

Fast forward seven years. Today, LIMBIK MEDIA is a thriving independent agency. We pride ourselves on doing things differently as a specialist digital performance marketing agency.

At LIMBIK MEDIA we have an alternative approach to solving complex marketing problems. We believe that the future of marketing will be defined by the convergence of three key enablement pillars:

  1. Data science
  2. Automation through technology
  3. Specialisation

Based on this we’ve developed a unique four-pronged cyclical approach to our service offering, the LIMBIK MEDIA INFINITY LOOP.

We also believe in a shared risk model and as a result we offer clients a performance-based fee structure where we only get paid if we achieve your desired ROI goals. In short, if you win, we win.

The whole is greater
than the sum of its

LIMBIK MEDIA has forged a strategic alliance with one of the world’s largest independent digital media agency groups, ARTEFACT.

LIMBIK MEDIA has the exclusive rights to represent ARTEFACT in Southern Africa. We believe that this alliance strengthens our global offering and compliments our believe that collaboration is one of the cornerstones of creating a successful business. Through our partnership with ARTEFACT we have access to services like:

  1. Data science consulting
  2. Artificial intelligence technology
  3. Global digital media buying

The Team

Chief Executive Officer

Wilhelm Fismer

The Kaiser. Quintessential media man. Dreamer of electric sheep. Lover of data. Caller of the shots. Definitely not human. (Likely an android.)

Financial Manager

Elrika van der Merwe

Lady Finance. Woman of steel. Collector of unpaid bills. Keeper of company secrets. Feared by many. (Loved by many more.)

Senior Paid Media AE

Nicholas Lisse

Herr Lisse. Planner. Buyer. Strategist. Performance rock star. (The man is like cheese left outside the fridge, way too mature for his age.)

Digital Paid Media Intern

Nadja Reinmuth

Fräulein Reinmuth. Creator of ads. Writer of ad-copy. Lover of excel. Up-skiller of note. Watch out world! (Eats internships for breakfast)

Our Partners

ARTEFACT is a digital agency group celebrating the long overdue marriage between marketers and engineers. With a squad of 1000+ people operating worldwide, ARTEFACT is globally represented by 25+ offices in 17 countries.
LIMBIK MEDIA is ARTEFACT’s strategic partner in Southern Africa and trades as ARTEFACT South Africa in the region.

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LIMBIK Responding Creative is our original sister agency and the launchpad where we pivoted from into the world of digital performance marketing. LIMBIK offers strategic brand consulting and design services. We work with LIMBIK on a weekly basis as we share numerous clients who desire a holistic approach to solving complex marketing problems.

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SKRIPT is our other sister agency specialising in video content production. We work with SKRIPT quite regularly to help brands create relevant and eye-catching digital video content, which we then in turn promote from a digital media marketing point of view to bring brands and customers together. The very exciting world of ‘shoppable-video’ and the increased popularity of video consumption across YouTube and social media platforms has opened up a new world of video-commerce which we also provide services for.

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