We’ve developed a four-pronged
cyclical approach to our product offering,


Staying true to our mantra of sophisticated simplicity, we felt the need to develop an offering that is simple yet intricate in the way it navigates the complexities of our craft.

The LIMBIK MEDIA INFINITY LOOP does just that. It breaks Performance Media Marketing down into its core four elements, while allowing for a continuous flow of infinite reassessment, readjustment and optimisation.

We’ve engrained the Infinity Loop into our procedures, systems, structures and commercial offering in order to provide our clients with something that has become rather scarce; transparency, simplicity and reliability.


Infinity Loop Phase 1:
Analyse & Advise


∞       Omni-channel digital audit

∞       Competitor benchmarking analysis

∞       Opportunity cost identification and GAP analysis

Infinity Loop Phase 2:
Plan & Predict


∞       Digital strategy and route-to-market media distribution channel planning

∞       Predictive analytics and KPI goal setting

∞       ROI-based forecasting

Infinity Loop Phase 3:
Invest & Optimise


∞       Campaign strategy, engineering and ad creation

∞       Real-time bid-management & programmatic media buying (ROI/CPA optimization)

∞       A/B testing, retargeting and omni-channel, multi-device attribution analysis and optimisation

Infinity Loop Phase 4:
Measure & Deliver


∞       Advanced business intelligence and data visualisation

∞       KPI performance reporting and profitability analysis measurement

∞       Delivery against targets and KPI goal achievement

Products included as part of our Infinity Loop service offering are:


∞      Google Ads (Advanced Adwords)

∞      Advanced Programmatic Display

∞      Advanced Paid Social (Facebook, IG, Twitter, LinkedIn)

∞      Programmatic Video

∞      Shopping (stock feed integration)

∞      Advanced Website Analytics Management and Reporting

∞      Conversion rate optimisation (Google Optimise)

∞      Retargeting (Advanced remarketing)

∞      DoubleClick

∞      Tag management (tracking & measurement)

∞      Advanced weekly data visualisation, reporting and website analytics