With the growth of the digital world, online brands are striving to get ahead of each other, and one highly effective strategy has been through personalising the user and buying experience online.

However, with content becoming more tailored to suit personal profiles, and with the insights that brands have on their customers deepening, this begins to raise numerous topics of debate. The line between personalisation and privacy is becoming finer, and at some point, one is prompted to ask when this personalisation crosses the line.

The repercussions thereof is that more and more consumers are going to greater lengths to anonymise their behaviour online, and thereby blocking themselves off from marketing efforts of online brands. In fact, a survey published by Mintel in 2018 showed that 71% of respondents would avoid creating new accounts with companies in order to protect their personal information. With the implementation of GDPR in 2018, data regulation and consumer privacy rights requires businesses to be fully transparent about their collection of customer data, and businesses will have to adapt to communicate how they make use of personal data.

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