MoneyGram South Africa


28 Aug – 31 Nov 2018


MG SA Digital Acquisition Support Campaign


MoneyGram South Africa is the South African branch of MoneyGram Money Transfers global. The brand has identified that there is an ever growing Expat Community living in South Africa. To increase money transfer between South Africa and abroad, MGSA has asked us to target specific expat groups with tailored messaging.


Phase one: Analyse & Advise

As part of our campaign research, we established that about 850,000 expats from Ghana, Zimbabwe, Cameroon and the UK and some other multi-national groups are currently lived in South Africa. As such, we advised our client to consider running targeted campaigns, speaking to each individual group of expat communities based on their web-browsing behaviour. The aim of the campaign was to entice the audience to choose MonyGram when sending money back home to their loved ones.

Phase two: Plan & Predict

Armed with comprehensive data on the various expat profiles, we planned hyper-targeted Facebook and Display media campaigns, targeting specific groups. We came up with a strategy of targeting this very specific demographic in line with the geographic and behavioural constrains that we identified during our data analysis phase. We proceeded to project what the outcome would be by forecasting the reach and then inferring new customer acquisition rates based on a combination of first and third party data. When we felt confident with our CPA-strategy and media plan, we went onto the next phase.

Phase three: Invest & Optimise

Our budget investment recommendations was to split investment across both the Google Display Network and Facebook in order to maximise the return on investment and stay within the CPA constraints and of course on-plan. Throughout the campaign we optimised performance by monitoring the Google Display Placements, by removing unwanted sites and apps and focusing on placements that expats would show the most interest in. Optimisation on Facebook consisted of continues refinement of audience interests and behaviour.

Phase four: Measure & Deliver

After running the activity for 3 months and optimising performance on a daily basis we achieved the following results:
• 7.4 million impressions on Facebook
• 10.2 million impressions on Google Display Network
• 48,000 Unique Link Clicks Facebook
• 38,000 Unique Link Clicks on Google
• CPC of R 3.95 on Facebook
• CPC of R6.00 on Google Display
• Budget, sales and revenue metrics are confidential