July, Aug and Sept 2018 – The Open, PGA, Ryder Cup


Bryte Insurance South Africa


Tactical Golf Enthusiast Campaign


Bryte Insurance South Africa is a B2B Insurance provider, based in Johannesburg. Due to the B2B nature of the Bryte product mix, the brand wanted to target C-Suite Executives from South African businesses during the international golf season. Based on research conducted by the brand, it became abundantly clear that a passion for golf and its subsequent association with business leaders and key corporate decision makers would be an important angle to leverage. The aim was to create increased awareness for the brand through associating with these prestigious golf events and ultimately tap into this very specific demographic.


Phase one: Analyse & Advise

As part of our campaign research, we established that the traditional method of premium ad-inventory buying from the publisher networks had become too archaic and expensive. In an attempt to mimic a premium buy, but without paying the premium prices, we developed a work-around by selecting specific domain placements within Google’s Display Network. This enabled us to target local South African business men who were browsing these international websites, by serving them local ad-inventory in the form of highly targeted Bryte ads. We timed our campaigns to run in-line with the three major golf events: The Open Championship, The PGA Championship and The Ryder Cup.

Phase two: Plan & Predict

As part of the planning approach, we established a list of the 35 biggest golf sites, both internationally and within South Africa. This list was established by monitoring traffic to various golf sites from within the South African geographic border, for which we relied on data provided by SimilarWeb, Alexa Page Rankings and other 3rd party benchmarking tools. Additionally, we also established that many relevant golf apps and YouTube videos proved very popular in SA and therefore added these two additional channels to our media targeting strategy.

Phase three: Invest & Optimise

Our recommendation was to invest exclusively on Google Display Network, in order to maximise the reach through an adaptive programmatic 'premium-buy' at non-premium prices, yielding very efficient CPMs. Through GDN we tapped into website, mobile app and YouTube video ad-inventory. Additionally, we set fairly aggressive CPC targets and during the optimisation processes we increased our bids even further in specific geo-graphic areas where we felt we achieve more traction within the desired demographic. This approach enabled us to achieve maximum reach with limited budget.

Phase four: Measure & Deliver

After running the tactical brand awareness activity over a mere 20 days, broken up into three bursts, targeting the respective events in July, Aug and Sept 2018 and optimising in real-time, we achieved the following results:
• We reached 1.8 million people
• Our CPMs fluctuated between R45.00 and R55.00
• Device targeting prioritised mobile, tablet and digital TV screens
• In-app advertising also yielded a lot of traction
• Budget, sales and revenue metrics are confidential