It sounds like the plot of a Black Mirror episode, but the threat of ‘deepfakes’, ironically, is very much real.

Artificial Intelligence has advanced to altering videos of real people, and superimposing fake audio and facial expressions onto them, giving them the appearance of saying potentially problematic and incriminating things. The growing prevalence of deepfakes in politics may mean a mass spread of misinformation and fake news, but also threatens to discredit the trust placed in actual authentic footage.

In a culture where media spreads information and misinformation like wildfire, this now begins to pose the question of how educated the masses are in their own media literacy and their ability to separate that which is real from that which is fake. While there is a future where blockchain might offer a solution to combat such fake news, some countries are already adopting methods to prepare future generations through educating them in the classrooms and teaching students to identify misinformation.

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